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The Heart of America Dachshund Club consists of all Dachshund Fanciers; whether owners, prospective owners, breeders, exhibitors, or a combination, residing in Kansas City and the surrounding area.

Membership is open to all persons, who prescribe to the purpose and code of ethics of the club. To obtain information about membership and meetings, please contact:

Dues are $10 per year (individual) or $15 per family/per year.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Entering into a network of fellow Dachshund lovers who can assist you with questions about care, training, breeding, selection, placement and exhibition of all varieties of Dachshunds, and answer general questions relating to dog ownership.
  • Become a part of the club activities along with your Dachshund and make your contribution to the betterment of the breed in this area.
  • The club cannot survive without new Dachshund enthusiasts to help with our sponsored events, attend meetings and make suggestions for future activities.

To download the Application for Membership as an Adobe file, please click here.


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